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Holistic Hypochondriac Cartoon

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Healthy Eating Gone Too Far

If I look closely, and research every morsel of food I'm considering letting into my mouth, I will find reason to feel guilty. Whether it be in the production, contents, or nutritional value, there is always something I find that makes the food less-than-ideal for my optimal health and the health of the planet.

And then, if I add to this my frame of mind while consuming a deep fried crinkly bag of carbohydrates, and a sweet slab of gooey coma inducing sugar, well ... I just can't seem to eat anything without feeling bad about it.

And don't even get me started on the amount and quality of water I drink!

Cartoon Description

A woman tries to eat healthy and organic foods, but finds it difficult.

Cartoon Caption

I had an unpleasant thought while drinking this not-entirely-organic smoothie. And now I’ve permanently damaged my psyche. The Holistic Hypochondriac