Goody Bag - Everyday People Cartoons

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While tidying up, I found a bunch of products from previous year's collections. They're the same cartoons, just a little different. For example: I was using a different logo, or I was signing the cartoons with Cathy Thorne instead of Everyday People Cartoons. All this to say that although the cartoons are the same, the format is not exactly like the current collection, and I'm ready to let them go at a significant discount.

Each surprise package is valued at over $100! You'll have greeting cards galore, ready for friends and family, with enough left over for you to fill your space with colour and humour!

Random variety packages include:
• 12 greeting cards (all different cartoons, greeted and blanks)
• 5 mini prints (all with different cartoons)
• 1 extra surprise!

Specific selection packages include:
• 18 cartoon products selected by you during a fun, brief, and casual Instagram or Facebook Live. See an example of an Instagram Live here: