I've been on the up side lately.


It's much more pleasant on this side than the one below.

Did something happen?


Although maybe the stars aligned, I'm not entirely familiar with that system, so I can’t really say.

Here's an example of how this shift is playing out in my life.

I order a cup of coffee.

Cappuccino, no sugar, no cocoa, no cinnamon, just plain cappuccino.

I don't usually specify the things I don't want, but the coffee maker asked, so I answered.

I get my coffee, pay, leave, and take the first sip of sugary sweet coffee after I've driven several blocks.

I thought to return, but then I would've been late for my appointment.

So instead, I complained to myself, took another sip, decided that it’s not that bad (it’s not like I don’t eat sugar, I eat a lot of sugar, I just don’t like it in my coffee), decided that it was that bad, and that if I don’t want sugar in my coffee, I shouldn’t have sugar in my coffee, complained some more about all I have to endure, and then ...

I thought about all the interactions I have with people and machines and businesses and strangers every day,

and how they all have the potential to go wrong,

and even though they could,

the vast majority don't,

and it’s that lovely.


(cartoon 278)