A few years back, I discovered Sudoku.

For those who don’t play, it’s a puzzle game played on a grid. There are numbers involved, but no math. 

For the record, I detest every sort of puzzle game I have ever come across in my 50 years, except Sudoku. 

I got so into it that I studied the art of solving Sudoku. I bought 2 books by Frank Longo that had Mensa in the title. I’ve never been tested, and sincerely doubt I’m Mensa material, but I wanted to pretend that maybe I could be. I struggled through every chapter and every puzzle until I had it down. It took years!

And then I stopped.

I put away my Mensa books, and bought the easiest Sudoku book I could find at the dollar store. It sits by my bed, and the only time I play is on the rare occasion that I can’t get to sleep. I have found no better cure for night time busy brain than easy Sudoku.

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