Positive Feedback?

I’m taking a writing class which has been very helpful in keeping me on track. So far, I’ve fleshed out an introduction, a story about the moment I decided I was an artist, and an account of the time I lost my mind while cyber stalking a woman who dared comment about one of my cartoons in a not-so-nice manner.

Also, last week I spoke with a professional storyteller who offered fantastic advice for making two stories better. So I’m going to rework them and read them at my writing class. This writing class is unlike any class I’ve ever taken. Instead of critical feedback, the feedback is focused on what’s good about our work. I’m not accustomed to this at all, and am struggling with believing that positive feedback is just as valid and useful as negative feedback. In fact, I’m considering experimenting with eliminating expressed negative feedback from my life. In fact, I’m going to do that this week as an experiment to see if my life improves or if holding back the negative causes me to combust. Either way, the world will be no worse off if I hold back my criticism for one week. Or will I confirm that my meddling is the very thing that keeps the world spinning round? Certainly I seem to think so. Shit, that was a criticism of myself. Okay, the criticism break starts … now!

(cartoon 565)