Money To Shop


There was a time when if I was strolling about and got hungry, I couldn't afford to go to a coffee shop and get a sandwich or something.

I would've leapt for joy at the thought of having enough money to bother to write a shopping list.

These days when I gripe about having to go shopping, the old me makes her appearance and says something like "Your lack of gratitude is embarrassing. Just go buy what's on the list. You know, every excursion doesn't have to be an entertaining outing, jeez!

And then the new me responds "Jeez, you know we're adaptable beings, and I can't help it if I've grown accustomed to not being as poor as I used to be!"

And then we take a collective breathe, and agree to be nicer to each other while we work our way through our list of things we can gratefully afford.


(cartoon 373)