How To Make A Decision


How to make a decision:

1. Get a piece of paper, and write the concern you’d like to decide upon.

2. On the same piece of paper write down the following eight inner people.

  1. inner child
  2. inner warrior
  3. inner sister
  4. inner brother
  5. inner mother
  6. inner father
  7. inner friend
  8. inner rebel

3. Recall one food item you ate at your previous meal, and count the number of syllables in the food item.

4. Place your finger on the first inner person, and move it forward as many times as the syllables in the food item. This is the inner person who is going to help you make your decision.

5. Ask your inner person to decide, and write their decision on the same piece of paper.

6. Follow the decision given by your inner person.

7. Or completely disregard their advice, and do what you knew you were going to do anyway.

8. Take a breathe.

9. Thank yourself for playing the game of life.


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