Hemming Curtains

If you caught the drama on my Facebook page on January 1, there's no need to relive it here, but if not, I present to you my nutiness, in hopes that it makes you feel better about whatever you're being nutty about today.

This is my iron, and the sewing machine I bought at a yard sale this summer. I don’t consider it mine, because I have yet to use it. I brought these two items up from the basement to motivate myself to finally hem my curtains because it’s been 6 months already! I present them to you for several reasons.

  1. To shame myself into hemming the curtains, for fear that I get called on my nonhemmingness, and
  2. because I promised myself that I’d post something, anything, everyday, and it’s 8PM, and I promised, and this is all I got because I’m recovering from staying up until 1AM eating waffles to bring in the new year.

January 11, 2018

Ladies and gentlemen! I present to you the hemmed curtain!