TV Interview

I went downtown to the CBC to tape a live interview with The Goods about my cartoons, my new book (Unlightenment, A Guide to Higher Consciousness for Everyday People), where I get my ideas from, the creative process, and the challenges of living in the moment. Which - let me tell you - are plentiful when I'm being taped in front of a live audience!

How it works is that they tape a live interview, and then air it at a later date. The important detail here is that there are no edits, there's no cutting out anything I may have said. I vaguely recall a conversation about my hair that was either really funny or embarrassing, either way, it won't be cut out when it airs a few weeks from now.

My sister joined me in the audience, and was I ever happy to have her there for support! I think if I do more television interviews I'll be fine, but because it was the first time, and I didn't know what to expect, I was really nervous.

I was well prepared though. The producer called me several times, and we spoke at length about what would be discussed on air, but Andrea and Shahir (the interviewers) can always play it by ear, which they did, hence the conversation about my hair.

This is a video taken by my sister during the break. If you offered me a million dollars to tell you what I was so animated about, you'd still have your million dollars, because I have no recollection whatsoever.


and here's the full interview