Gentle Manipulation


I'm good at general manipulation (getting people to do things for me).

I guess you could say I'm charming, and I like being charming, and people seem to enjoy being charmed. 

I'm good at that, but I'm really bad at lying to manipulate.
Especially if it involves pretending that someone is right when I think they are wrong.
I simply can't do it.
Well, maybe I could if my life depended on it,
but so far it hasn't,
and so I haven't.

There were many occasions, when I could've walked away from heated disagreements, had I simply lied about what I thought.
And gawd knows I tried,
but I simply couldn't keep the tell-tale signs from escaping my face.
My eyebrow would lift,
my face would make a face,
and the person on the receiving end could always tell that I was lying.

I yearn for this skill - the ability to lie to manipulate,
but I guess, we can't be good at everything.

(cartoon 101)