My drawing process

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I thought my process was really simple, but when I wrote it down, there was a lot to write!

  1. After I get an idea, I jot it down on a piece of paper. This first version generally looks like chicken scratch.
  2. I place it in my pile of ideas and let it sit until it calls to be worked on. Sometimes it sits for a few minutes, a day, a year ... I have ideas that are still sitting after a decade.
  3. I cross things out and add more chicken scratch to the piece of paper until I've laid out what I think is a solid cartoon. Sometimes I get out another piece of paper because I've added and subtracted so much information that I can't read my own writing.
  4. I redo the cartoon in pencil on another piece of paper. This version is neater than the original and begins to resemble one of my cartoons.
  5. I redo the cartoon yet again in pencil on another piece of paper until it looks exactly and precisely like I'd like the finished cartoon to look.
  6. I place the finished pencil drawing on top of a lightbox, and place a sheet of card stock on top of it. I then essentially trace my pencil drawing with markers.
  7. I scan the finished marker drawing, and clean it up and add colour digitally.

Then it's finished, and ready to be posted online, or in this cartoon's case, included in Unlightenment.

cartoon about eating consciously from Everyday People cartoons by Cathy Thorne