It's not always sunshine and roses.

Not for me, and not for anyone I know.

Except this one woman I follow online. She recently met the love of her life. The one she can truly be her unabashed self with. The one she's been preparing for her entire life. Also he's very attractive, in a rugged, healthy, fit, robust, late 30something way. Also she can move her body in ways that would take me two lifetimes of intensive Olympian training to replicate. And she seems legitimately happy traveling the world, spreading her message of love, joy and physical movement.

Essential, she's not me, and lately I've not wanted to be me either.

So what do I do when I feel this way?

Same as you I suspect - I look outside of myself to distract myself and not have to deal with the things that I find emotionally difficult to deal with.

I'm not going to share all of my distractions with you. I don't think they matter - we all have our distractions of choice.

But I will share one with you in a cartoon, may it make you laugh in case your life is currently not sunshine and roses either.

(cartoon 410)