Craft Show FOMO


A few months ago I became aware of the term FOMO.
Fear OMissing Out
Although I'd never heard the term before, I've suffered its consequences for as long as I can remember.
There's always been something better going on -
the party next door,
the delicious meal at the other table,
the interesting person standing on the other side of the room,
the life I could've lived had I only turned right instead of left ...

It requires a great deal of effort to convince myself that where I currently am, is as good a place as any. Especially today, as I scroll through the posts of all my fellow crafters and artists who are at the One of a Kind Show.

I'm not there.
I'll be there this weekend, as a visitor,
but I don't have a booth.
I'm taking a wise and necessary break from shows, maybe I'll return, maybe not, I'm not sure.
And it's okay, it's a good decision for me, but I'm missing the action, the comradery, the sales, and the fun of chatting with you in person.