I have an accountant, but I do my own bookkeeping.

I shouldn't, because I hate doing it, I'm not good with detail oriented tasks, and it makes me nervous to think about all the mistakes I could make.

But I do it anyway, because bookkeeping services are pricey, and I although I'm not good at it, I'm capable of doing it, and I'd rather spend my money on services that I'm incapable of doing, like filling my own cavities. Or maybe putting a few dollars away for my kids' education fund so that they can learn how to fill cavities. 

Every year around this time, I go into nasty, overwhelmed tax mode, and every year I promise myself that the next year I'll download and reconcile my banking, credit card, and payment portal reports on a monthly basis to circumvent this overwhelm. This plan usually goes strong for a month or two, and then I fall into procrastination mode, and do things that appeal to me more - like taking a nap, or going to visit my dentist.

When my cartoons take off, and Hollywood comes calling, I'm going to get a bookkeeper. 

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