At My Therapist's Office

(This is a newsletter I wrote while at my therapy appointment)

Hello all,

So I'm at my therapist's office, complaining about my lack of motivation and sense of joy, and my new found menopausal tiredness that's activating my procrastinational tendencies.

So I asked my therapist to convince me to send out a newsletter after I leave here, or in fact, convince me to do anything at all.

And that's when the excitement kicked in!

Wouldn't it be fun to send a newsletter from my therapist's office while doing therapy!

And I laughed and laughed, and so here I am.

Because what's the big deal, it's just a friggin newsletter, no need for high procrastination drama Cathy!

So here's the newsletter, took me a total of 10 minutes.

I'll be back next week, from my desk, not therapy, cause this is a bizarre use of my hour, or maybe not, cause I did it, right?


(cartoon 409)