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Unlightenment, a hardcover cartoon book about mindfulness by Cathy Thorne.

"It can be challenging to prioritize mindfulness and wellness amid the everyday chaos of life. Cathy Thorne, the artist behind Everyday People Cartoons, knows this all too well. "
- Huffington Post


A Guide to Higher Consciousness for Everyday People
by Cathy Thorne

This hardcover, illustrated, humorous book helps those who have trouble meditating fully embrace mindfulness and wellness. 

Meditation and mindfulness are popular for their ability to improve moods, reduce stress, help with anxiety and depression, and reduce distractions. But while many are successful, there are some who struggle to relax and clear their heads, wondering how so many people find this New Age movement invigorating. In Unlightenment, you’ll get a comedic look at what it’s like to participate in New Age practices—even if you’re not able to achieve a quiet mind, maintain moment-to-moment awareness, or recreate complex, contorted yoga poses.