Everyday People Goods for 2017


This year, I'm taking orders for a few items by email.

Simply send me an email at cathy@everydaypeoplecartoons.com with what you'd like, and I'll respond with payment and delivery options. Usually PayPal, Canada Post, or front porch drop off if you live close by, but if you prefer another method (etransfer, credit card, cheque, speedy delivery, etc.), just let me know.

The Goods

My new hard covered book, Unlightenment, A Guide to Higher Consciousness for Everyday People
$20 each
Let me know if you'd like the book signed to someone special, like your friend, your sister, or you!
2018 Calendars SOLD OUT!
$17 each, 4 for $60
These are the same small wall calendars that you've bought through Kickstarter for the part 2 years, but with different cartoons. 
$4 each, 4 for $14
These are a mini version of bigger prints. They're 4x5 inches (102 x 127 mm), and look great in a frame or pinned to bulletin boards.. You can also punch a hole in the top corner and use them as a gift tag, or write something on the back and slip them into an envelope as you would a greeting card. Here's the link to the mini prints that are available this year, please take note of the cartoon # when ordering.

The Details

New this year, all taxes are included in the price.
Shipping Fees
I use standard Canada Post, and will let you know the fee when I receive your email. Please let me know if you'd like to arrange for special delivery.
Thank you for your continued encouragement and support, I look forward to receiving your order at cathy@everydaypeoplecartoons.com
Wishing you peace, laughter, and cookies!